A review by Australian Author, Hayley Coates

A review by Australian Author, Hayley Coates

A review by Australian Author, Hayley Coates


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Simon Palmer’s Lost Innocence, The Accused, is the first thriller I’ve read in a while, and it’s one of my favourite genres. I’m glad this was the one I picked up, to throw me back into the mix. What a great read! Lost Innocence begins with Michael Walker, an artist, who finds himself in a Thai prison. There he meets John, a lifer, who knows a thing or two about the corrupt system they find themselves in. Michael makes a few friends along the way, and a few enemies, too. He is a strong, likeable character. Stan, his father, however, is far more difficult to like. After attempting a rescue, he seems to need rescuing himself, ALL the time. Cue the very awesome grandfather/hard arse, Nigel. Thank goodness for him. Without his intelligence and quick wit, everyone would be pretty much screwed.

Several other memorable characters emerge through the story, weaving a complex web of crime, struggle, desperation, and corruption. Palmer brings the hellish experience of a Thai prison to life in such a vivid way that it stays with you. The nepotism and exploitation in the system comes to life, and it’s scary. It’s obvious Palmer knows Thailand, and so for those who have been or lived there, the setting won’t disappoint. For those like me who have never been there, it serves as a serious warning.

Simon Palmer also writes screen plays, and it shows. His ability to ensnare the scenes through prose is evident through-out this book. Although sometimes it reads like a script, I enjoyed the pace. Tag lines and actions would have been put to good use in places, as I was sometimes uncertain of the speaker. The book has a highly sexualised tone. This made me slightly uncomfortable at times, however the sex industry in Thailand is prominent, and there’s no escaping it.

Palmer switches POV well, and even changes from first to third person which can sometimes be jarring. In this case, it’s not.

Lost Innocence would definitely make a great movie, and I look forward to the next instalment.

A highly recommended read.

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