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Quotes and comments

Quotes and comments

John Daysh (Author and Spanking Pulp Press Publisher)

JD: Spanking Pulp Press is something that James Newman and I cobbled together out of our frustration with the world of publishing and our love of pulp fiction. Our primary aim is to support promising writers and bring pulp fiction back into the mainstream. The excitement comes firstly from being able to work with James Newman who I consider to be one of the finest gentlemen I’ve met and the finest literary talents around. The man is a pulp genius. Secondly, it gives me the chance to work with some fantastic writers and also hone my editing skills, and hopefully make me a better writer. The opportunity to be James’ editor and co-publisher was just too good to pass up. Then I got to work with one of my heroes, Phillip Wiley, and James Austin Farrell who I truly believe will achieve literary greatness in time. Plus hanging out with Thailand’s most famous private eye, Warren Olson, has been amazing as we work on a set of four novels and his upcoming memoir, The Private Detective. Then from old hands to young bucks; Simon Palmer is our latest signing and he is going to turn some heads for sure.

Author Skye Turner

I have actually read his crime drama book, Lost Innocence, and it was completely gripping. I highly recommend it.
Simon also mentions me as giving him some good advice, which I am completely humbled by.

Terry Hamp

Lordy you write a good book it really takes you for a spin …in an out of comas, heart attacks bombs under cars…It’s very exciting…… oh an great character’s.
‘Simon lost your book….good news after going thru miles an miles of magnetic ink I found it ….lordy you write a good book it really takes you for a spin …in an out of comas, heart attacks bombs under cars…It’s very exciting…gotta little more to go, almost to the epilogue… oh an great character’s. Tell me you don’t get your inspiration from these people ….I know you do …there’s some seedy people there I bet ..That’s why if I ever make it there we gonna go to the hospital an get sewed together ..LOL


Jim Tyler

I have read it and I’m honestly in awe, thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. My secretary will be one of your first buyers as soon as it’s released as she was reading it over my shoulder for the last day! send me the link so I can write a review.

John R Cowton

I was saving Lost Innocence Parts 1&2 for my holiday read, but started it 10 days early. It is so good, I hope I haven’t read them both before my holiday. If I do, how am I going to find something to match up to it. It’s a great read Simon.

Christa Forster

Wonderful book, busy reading it and can’t stop!

Paul Kahle

Finished reading part 1 at 4:30 and 5 hours later finished part 2 couldn’t put it down , loved it!

Carmen Costa

Have read it and loved it can’t wait to read more!

Cheryl Rickard Palmer

I just finished this book and absolutely loved it! I couldn’t put it down…

Tim Milne

Must read!!!! A very good book of the Year…


Chapter 21 now. Excellent reading… fast, exciting. I am actually ticked off now that I have to get back to what I was doing. So much to do, so little time. Will pick up the rest, probably tomorrow morning. Great book.

Shayna Deegan

Read it, download it…its amazing.. Gripping and the best book for years x

Justine Mc Fayden

Just got to let you know that I’m up to page 97 and am loving every single bit of it. The dedication to detail is amazing. No loo paper yuck! Please tell that doesn’t really happen! I really hope Thai prisons aren’t like you portrayal. You feel sorry for the inmates. Anyway at this rate I’ll be finished by tomorrow, could be doing an all-nighter just so I can keep reading.

I was tagged into the FB book game by Victoria L Brock.
I’m to list 10 books that stay with me for any reason . Here goes

1: Lost Innocence by Simon Palmer Author
2: The Man Series by Jodie Ellen Malpas
3: Impulses by V L Brock
4 : This Regret by Victoria Ashley Author
5: FSOG by E L James
6: Escape Down Under by Steph M Phillips
7: The Driven Series by K.Bromberg
8: Dom Wars Series by Lucian Bane
9: The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day
10:The Survivors Series b Victoria Dreyer

It’s an excellently written first novel . Blew me away!

To read more reviews or to buy this book, click on:  amzn.to/ZqNrSj