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Working with actor Chris Wegoda and photographer Bordin Vamanond

Working with actor Chris Wegoda and photographer Bordin Vamanond

I met Chris at the comedy club in Bangkok. He was hosting and I did a set for the first time and was just getting into it, when I ran out of time. I then saw him perform in the Musical Moulin Rouge and could see he had talent.
I wanted him for the cover and video of my d├ębut novel and he was interested in helping out. On the day he came over, slipped into some prison clothes and joined me on location at an abandoned penthouse suite above my condo in Bangkok.

We used a professional Thai photographer, Bordin Vamanond to take shots of us both and then he added effects to make it look like we were inside a cell of a Thai prison. Bordin was wonderful to work with. He had his ideas, I had mine and we connected well in the limited time we had. We’d worked together before on the front cover of ‘Lost Innocence.’ I had already made a cover that I could’t use for copyright reasons, he re-created and improved it! An awesome talent.


The results of the prison shots were outstanding and Chris’s attitude towards the shoot was nothing short of professional. The shot of the two of us together where he is sitting at a lower height to me was completely his idea to correspond with the characters in the book. I look to working with both Chris and Bordin again.