Lost Innocence reviews from other Authors

Lost Innocence reviews from other Authors

Lost Innocence reviews from other Authors

Reviews from the Authors


By Penny Naome (Best-selling author Penelope Syn)


My first thought on opening this book and reading was that Simon must have spent time in a Thai prison – it felt horribly realistic, and one place I’d never want to be! Nonetheless his narrative is gripping and it kept me reading. I was immersed in the protagonists experiences, and the reality of the situation. I won’t give away plot details, but this story is a Must Read!

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!!


Billy Moore (Author of the True Crime novel ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’


Great read, very authentic and would recommend this to all.

5 stars


By Warren Olson (Best-selling author of the Thai Private Eye Series)


A fast paced novel based on events unfolding in Bangkok, that are not a million miles from reality has me eagerly looking forward to Palmers next work.


James A. Newman (Author of the Joe Dylan Series)


Lost innocence is addictive reading. Like a bottle of good Chilean Red once she is corked she must be consumed. At once. From the neck. In my case, over an eight hour period I read the complete novel. A thrilling eight hours of addictive page turning I came to understand that Palmer is a master story-teller. Not on a sentence level but over the whole book. What we have is a prison thriller with characters fully fleshed out and realized. Palmer who was trained as a method actor, gets inside his character’s skin. He lives their lives and tells their stories. The novel is dialogue heavy, the plot a beautiful train-wreak of disaster after disaster that one cannot help but watch, digest and keep turning those pages. Lost Innocence is a page-turner. Brilliant stuff from a rare talent.

We await the next book with baited breath. 5 stars


By Vikki C. Smith (Author of Mannequin)
This is one excellent start to an intense and quickly progressing adventure about a young man, Michael, who finds himself stuck in a Thai prison. Despite the bleak nature of his predicament, he learns his options quickly and how to survive on the inside, while the race to free him progresses on the outside.
The development of the characters, intertwined with the action-packed story line, is what makes this story very fun to read. With each step along the way, another plot twist is lurking and more intriguing events occur. While Michael is the main character, he is very young and still learning about life, and there are plenty of fascinating people and shocking situations that shape him along the way.
This is a definite must read! I look forward to more!

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