Stan’s night out

Stan’s night out

Stan’s night out

Back on the street and feeling the heat, he escaped into a pink Toyota disguised as a taxi. A young man with an Afro smiled through the rear-view. “You want see beautiful lady?”
“Where? How much?”
“Not far. Not much”
“Let’s go.”
After a slow-moving journey along Sukhumvit Road, they arrived at a street of bars lit up by bright neon signs. Sexy, young ladies lingered outside in short skirts, shorter shorts, swim-wear, night dresses, sexy dresses, lacy lingerie and whatever else would catch the eye.

Stan had never seen so many beautiful girls in one place and smiled at them all. He stopped at a food stall serving fried crickets and wondered how drunk he’d have to be to try one of those. Then passing a bar with a wooden door, he noticed a couple of ladies sat at a table in lingerie. The one on the right was the prettiest, thought Stan but she hadn’t seen him. The one on the left did. She rose from her stool, glided over, reached for his hand and led him inside. Stan stepped into a small, smoky room with a long bar to the right, leather booths to the left and a stage area just large enough for a couple of girls to perform – and they did. ‘Hotel California’, played loudly around the room, but Stan wasn’t listening. He was too busy ogling the girls on the stage. Two, probably a little south of seventeen stood naked, danced erotically and stared at themselves in mirrors on the walls. They seemed perfectly natural sporting their stuff for all to see.

Stan felt a little sorry for them, but that thought was soon lost to lust. He was shown to a booth and smiled at by a farang sitting opposite. He looked around fifty, had thick, brown hair and wore a pair of cream Chinos under a chequered shirt. “What you drink?” a pretty waitress asked. She had her hair tied back and her teeth behind braces.
“I’ll take a Heineken.”
‘Bony Nose’ peered over. “Ze name is Helmut.”
“Stan. It’s my first time here.”
“You want zome company?”
“Sure, it’s always nice to meet new people.”
“I was talking about za girl,” Helmut laughed.
“Oh. Then why not.”

As the music changed to another eighties’ track, Helmut waved over an older lady. She wasn’t as slim or as sexy as the other girls, had heavy makeup and bushy hair. She strutted over, blocked Stan’s view of the stage and spoke Thai with Helmut.
“Who’s that?” Stan asked as she walked away.
“The mamasan. She’s in charge of the girls.”

A few minutes and a new track later, two attractive ladies in silk robes appeared and slid in next to the boys. Helmut opened his girl’s robe to reveal a lovely little figure wrapped in purple lingerie and half covering a perky pair of fake breasts. “We buy them a drink then we can play.” Stan agreed, ordered two shots of Tequila and turned to his girl. Her smile was encouraging; she had a pretty face framed with brown hair and busy eyes that kept flicking between Helmut and Stan.
“What you name? Where you from?”
“I’m Nigel,” Stan lied.
“My name Pancake.”

Two shots of Tequila soon arrived on a silver tray with a sprinkle of salt and two wedges of lime. Stan watched the girls as they downed them, licked the salt and sucked the lime. Helmut, noticing Stan was a little shy, leant over, opened Pancake’s robe and copped a feel of her breasts.
“At least get zee money’s worth.” Stan looked down at the red lingerie embracing Pancake’s slender body, but didn’t touch. Helmut fondled his girl’s breasts, right in front of Stan then reached down to stroke his fingers between her legs.
“You can take any of zese girls upstairs to a private room and have ze wicked way.”
“I couldn’t possibly.”
“Maybe after a few more drinks.”
“I don’t think so. I feel a little bad for the girls. I couldn’t take advantage of them.”

Several drinks later, Helmut was looking at his watch. He turned to Stan. “I have work tomorrow.”
“That’s a shame. What do you do?”
“I own ze travel agency. Perhaps ve can do zis again, anuzzer time?”
Helmut reached for the bill. Stan pulled it away and paid. Helmut handed Stan his card.
“Thank you Stan. It’s nice to have met you. Call me if you want annuzer night out.”
“….Definitely.” Stan nodded.

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